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Aura Nepal Jewelry: Perfect Gifts for Every Occasion

Aura Nepal Jewelry: Perfect Gifts for Every Occasion

The birthday is coming up, or maybe it’s an anniversary. Think of any gift giving event, and beads of sweat start to form on most people’s forehead, mainly because we all fret about what is the perfect gift? Let me tell you, that hands down jewelry is the best gift you can give. Once I say that anyone who has been in the crunch to find the perfect gift is in total agreement. Yes, jewelry can make any occasion more memorable. Of course, we all can think of the classic ring for getting engaged, or a pendant for a sweet sixteen. But what about the first job, or holiday gift giving? I think even just a special evening for your husband or wife is an excellent opportunity to bestow a piece of jewelry. That day or event will be intimately tied to the jewelry and a whole new story will be created. And truly it’s not relegated to women only, men enjoy fine jewelry to reflect their style also. Wood, silver, gold, the choices are endless for everyone.

So now you have the perfect gift idea, what about their style? You might say your friend or loved one has a perfect style, so now how to choose the perfect jewelry to go with it? Certainly, there are many items to choose from. I know, I have been there, looking online at a million choices, getting lost on a thousand websites and pictures. There are a few things to consider that can help even the most reluctant gift giver.

First, let’s look at what does the person do most days? Are they in an office, or do they work outside? Is this a piece of jewelry you envision for daily life, or just special occasions? And what is your relationship to this person, different items can say a thousand words. Deciding on when you imagine they will wear this item can be a good place to start. If it’s for everyday wear, then the material needs to match what they do. This is where their style comes into play. Silver can be a fantastic material for a perfect everyday look. For her, it can be a ring, pendant, earrings, or practically anything. For him, it may be more dependent on his job. What type of work does he do, and can jewelry be allowed in the workplace? For example, for her, if she wears clean modern design, or likes jeans with a simple white blouse, or even gets a little funky in her style, a bold, modern ring made from sterling silver could look fantastic with almost anything. For him, maybe a nice pair of cufflinks, or a small silver bracelet can look fresh and adventurous with a well-cut suit. For both, it must always reflect their style. Classic, easy, artsy, bold, modern, or outdoorsy are just some ways you may think of your friend or loved one. Certainly, this category of everyday wear can be somewhat easier to shop for especially if it’s for a friend or relative.

However, the special occasion items can feel a bit trickier to purchase particularly if it is for a husband or wife, son or daughter. Taking a moment to think about the occasion first can be helpful. As mentioned before there are some classic combinations such as the engagement ring, the sweet sixteen pendants, or the tie clip for a first job. Other not so common occasions where giving the perfect jewelry could make a moment truly special is getting your first apartment together, or a first vacation. Firsts are always a great time to grace your loved one’s style with a perfect piece of jewelry. So perhaps the item can reflect the occasion. Better still, let his or her perfect style shine even more with the right piece. Imagine you have a friend’s birthday party, or wedding anniversary coming up, and your wife has picked out a dress that compliments her personality, color, and how she presents herself. She has tried it on and you notice she looks stunning in it. However, she has been struggling with what jewelry to wear. A large pendant? Big modern earrings? She can’t decide. The idea to find the perfect jewelry for her perfect style hits you. You will give it to her the evening of the party, maybe a little before leaving.

Her style is simple, elegant, with a nod to the modern. You found a ring that would complement it. Clean lines, but and bold. In design. In the evening before you leave you to give her this gift. She opens it and her face shows all the light and love you have between you. She puts on the ring and it accentuates her dress, her style perfectly. This is the joy of picking the perfect jewelry for the perfect style.