Namaste from Aura Nepal

The ancient, exotic, and colorful world of Nepal is unique in every aspect.

From the women who wear their traditional jewelry to the diverse landscapes and monuments, and exquisite music, to the intricately carved architecture, each aspect of this world tells its inimitable tale. This and more creates a story so compelling, it must be told.

Aura Nepal was born from the love and inspiration of the art, architecture, colors, nature, music, and cultures that weave an incredible tapestry called Nepal. Aura Nepal to create a line of jewelry that takes one/more these elements and distills them into own fine, handcrafted pieces of jewelry.

We at Aura Nepal chose to create jewelry that others who also felt inspired by the art, architecture, colors, nature, music, and cultures of Nepal to enjoy and blend their own narrative in with. Choosing jewelry from Aura Nepal means choosing deep roots in the heritage of Nepal.

Upholding the exquisite workmanship, and creating legacy pieces for many lifetimes.

Why Aura Nepal Jewelry

High Quality
Our pieces are each hand made with the highest quality material, every object is given the touch of human intimacy as they are carefully crafted. Quality is not only about what materials are used, but how craftsmen use them. Aura Nepal is committed to excellence in its craftsmanship, components, and design for each piece.

Nepalese styled jewelry is distinct in its form, and how it is produced. To continue this ancient art form we support our jewelry makers to draw upon the legacy handed down through generations to create these beautiful pieces. Each time you purchase an Aura Nepal product you can recognize that, not only is it a one-of-a-kind hand produced item, but the artists also provide their own unique vision and touch to each piece.

Modern and Bold
Blending the modern with the ancient takes skill, knowledge, and dedication. The designer finds inspiration from every aspect of Nepal and appreciates how to distill these elements into a bold and modern look. Designs that can be worn with the look of today, but a nod to the past. It is a concept that produces fresh, wearable art, which is distinct in style, with a touch of the history and culture truly rare, and elementally Nepalese.

Jewelry has always been a way to distinguish the history, art, architecture, nature, colors, sounds, and cultures of the wearer. Every piece of Aura Nepal Jewelry has its own and unique history and story from the past. The style of the houses, the paintings, weavings, and all time-honored art are our inspiration for Aura Nepal pieces of jewelry.

Unique and Intricate Design
When you see it, you know. When the product is a work of art, it is easy to recognize the intricacies of craftsmanship. Hand carved with tenderness, and attention to detail is woven into each piece. The story of Nepal is given through the hands of the craftsman, the design is elemental, and each piece will transmit this remarkable exceptionality of quality.


Deep Prakash, Founder & CEO

Born and raised with far-western Nepali spirit, Deep Prakash has always had his love for travel and passion for innovation. Traveling around the country, the astoundingly rich Nepali heritage came as a revelation to him and, as such, he has aspired to bring the authentic taste in the most alluring form possible-jewelry. His envision to showcasing the impression of Nepalese heritage and culture has given the birth to Aura Nepal.

In his workshop in Kathmandu, Deep founded Aura Nepal Jewelry which has grown to be a brand of great reputation and is recognized as Aura Nepal since 2018. What seems even more praise-worthy is his dedication to bringing the Nepalese heritage influenced jewelry to the limelight.

At Aura Nepal, he likes to combine the ideas on Nepalese heritage and thus create jewelry of authentic and glamorous designs. For Deep, creating jewelry is an intimate process. Before deciding on materials or size, he thinks how a design will be used and worn. This has helped him take approaches and leaps which might not always be conventional but certainly offers contentment.

If you are looking for Nepalese heritage influenced jewelry, he will be happy to show you his latest creations. Get ready to get awed in magnificent jewelry delight!